🔒Security Features

WalletChat is designed with security in mind; we aim to protect users from some of the attack vectors which occur daily in web3. We encourage users to be vigilant and never rush to sign anything.

One of the many attack vectors in web3 are malicious links. This may include wallet drainer signature requests, fake websites, fake airdrops, and the list goes on. WalletChat utilizes the WalletGuard link protection API to block known malicious web3 scams.

This is a very useful service, but it can't detect issues which have just recently surfaced (zero-day vulnerabilities) so as always, we encourage users to be vigilant and when its too good to be true, it usually is a scam. Moderators from many sites will not DM you first, and should never ask you for a seed phrase or private key.

🚫 Block Users

We all know the feeling of a scammer just not giving up in web3, and sometimes its easiest to block the user and move on. WalletChat allows users to block another wallet address via the 🚫 icon within a DM.

🗑️ Delete Conversation

For purposes of inbox cleanup, we allow a conversation to be deleted (without blocking the user). This is available within a DM, simple click the trash bin and confirm the selection. These messages are not recoverable after deletion, so please proceed with caution.

✅ Verified Moderators

Another feature alongside our Customer Support feature, is verified moderators for a given domain. Currently these moderators are added/removed manually via direct communication with WalletChat, so please contact us directly for more info on setup. For moderators and users, they should see a verified blue check as shown in a DM discussion with a verified moderator:

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