🦊Metamask Integration

Using the new Metamask Snaps feature, you can now send and receive messages directly inside Metamask!

With this snap you can:

  • Receive WalletChat DM notifications inside your Metamask

  • Read your DMs inside Metamask, without opening WalletChat

  • Reply to your DMs without opening WalletChat

What is Metamask Snaps?

Snaps is an open source system that allows anyone to safely extend the functionality of Metamask, creating new web3 user experiences. Read more about this exciting new feature at: https://metamask.io/snaps/

How do I get started receiving WalletChat DMs in Metamask?

To install the WalletChat Metamask snap:

  • Metamask will prompt you to accept the new forms of notifications:

After the WalletChat snap is installed, log in with the account of your choice:

Notifications only begin after a valid login, and new unread messages being received. Other important details:

  • WalletChat Snap checks for new unread messages once per minute

  • Notifications only occur for the most recent authenticated account

    • Notifications for multiple signed in accounts coming soon!

Reach out to contact@walletchat.fun or DM us at wallet-chat.eth within WalletChat with any questions, concerns or comments!

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