💁Customer Support Features

WalletChat enables distributed customer and product support teams to collaborate on responding to questions with the use of Telegram + WalletChat!

Some customer support teams work in a collaborative and asynchronous fashion, by responding to user questions in a group Telegram channel.

While this is a great interface for the support team, for the user needing support, the context switch from the main application they are engaging with is not a great workflow, especially for wallet-based users who just want to get quick help right there and then. This is where WalletChat comes in. WalletChat Support enables users to seek support directly from a wallet or a web app, as long as the WalletChat widget is integrated and live.

1. User side

As shown below, inside the WalletChat widget, users can select the headset icon to open support. Then simply send a message. From here, the customer support team (in this case wallet-chat.eth) can provide instant support. The user receives a reply from the support team within the same interface.

✅ Verified Moderators

Users wishing for more privacy may wish to interact with moderators in DMs, within WalletChat. Users should always check for the verified icon when interacting with a mod, however, use extreme caution even in these cases. Seed phrases or private keys should never be needed by a mod, at any time.

2. Admin side

WalletChat forwards end users' messages sent via the Support tab inside the WalletChat widget directly into Telegram. These messages land inside the project team's existing Customer Support channel, where admins of the Telegram channel can respond.

This gives the customer support experience the best of both worlds - the support team can continue using Telegram, and the user never leaves the app they are currently inside.

WalletChat has allow-lists of Telegram IDs which are allowed to respond back, so even if within Telegram a regular user were to respond to a message, the WalletChat integration would not deliver the message to the dApp user. This prevents any spoofing of accounts or customer support impersonations.

Customer support should always ensure to use the Telegram reply feature to respond to the message so it reaches the customer directly within WalletChat.

Currently, each customer will use the same Ticket #. Longer term, customers may get a new Ticket # and each case may be "closed" based on time, customer support manually closing, or a range of other options.

🚫 Block User From Posting In Telegram Support Channel

WalletChat allows verified moderators to use the same reply feature to block or timeout a user from posting in the Telegram channel. The timeout duration will generally be a few days, in which the offending user will not detect that they are blocked, but messages will simply not pass through to the Telegram channel.

If in the future a permanent deletion from the TG channel is required, please contact WalletChat directly. Due to the nature of web3 wallets, users can easily create a new wallet address and continue to post, so maintaining a list of blocked addresses which is ever-growing may not be useful.

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