👋Welcome to WalletChat

WalletChat is a web3 social platform, enabling dApps and wallets to communicate directly wallet-to-wallet, outside the siloed walls of traditional web2 social platforms.

Our Mission

Here at WalletChat our mission is to connect dApps and web3 users directly. Crypto wallet users trust in the security and privacy of the underlying technology to securely hold funds and collectibles such as NFTs. We believe communications can and should leverage this same technology, and will be the core of all future social platforms.

Who is this for

  • You are a web3 web app that wishes to integrate messaging functionality

  • Replace current user-to-user or user-to-app messaging workflow which happens inside discord / telegram

  • Provide a much better UX that links directly to the user's wallet, which they are already using to interact with your dapp

  • Provide a much more secure experience than having to share one's wallet id inside discord or clicking external links

  • Enable users to communicate without leaving your web app (increasing engagement & time spent within the app)

  • Differentiate yourself from competition still stuck in the web 2.5 world


  • Support token-gated group messaging (available in our web app)

  • Enhanced spam filtering, conditional messaging permissions

  • User-to-dapp support helpdesk, dapp-to-user announcements

  • User analytics dashboard

  • Optional message notifications inside email / telegram

  • ...and much more

Talk to us to discuss the details of this and your requirements!

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Get Started

We've put together some helpful guides for you to get setup with our product quickly and easily.

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