WalletChat Metamask Snap FAQ

A list of commonly asked questions and answers for using the Metamask Snap for WalletChat.

Email us contact@walletchat.fun or DM us within WalletChat.fun at wallet-chat.eth with any questions or issues!

What is a Metamask Snap?

Snaps allow third-party dApps like WalletChat.fun to extend functionality directly into Metamask, more at https://metamask.io/snaps. For us here at WalletChat.fun, that means users can receive new message notifications and even respond to chats right within Metamask!

How do I install the Metamask Snap for WalletChat?

There are two different ways to find the WalletChat.fun Snap for Metamask

  1. Directly from https://snaps.walletchat.fun

  2. Within Metamask (coming soon)

Do I need to keep the WalletChat.fun web app open to get notifications?

No. After logging in to the web app at https://snaps.walletchat.fun at least once, you don't have keep the web app open any longer. The Metamask Snap is authenticated after signing in once, and you only need to stop back to the main web app every few weeks to ensure your authentication doesn't time out.

I don't like the message pop-up for new messages, can I turn this off?

Of course! The Metamask Snap for WalletChat.fun also allows passive alerts in the Notifications tab within Metamask. Disable the pop-up via the WalletChat Notifications tab, examples are shown in Example Notifications

Can I initiate a new message in the Metamask Snap for WalletChat?

Great question! This should be coming in the next revision of Metamask Snaps, but for not this is not possible. Just pop open our web app and app.walletchat.fun and chat away!

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