Example Notifications

There are a few different ways notifications will appear directly in Metamask, and users can choose to respond in-app or exclusively get alerts in the Metamask Notifications tab.

WalletChat Unread Messages as Metamask In-App Notification

By default, WalletChat users will receive new DM notifications as a dialog pop-up within Metamask, and users can respond directly! 🎉 New messages will be shown under the divider, and a few of the most recent read messages are included for context:

For users who don't want to get a pop-up notification for new unread messages, simply log into https://snaps.walletchat.fun, navigate to Notifications and uncheck the corresponding box to disable pop-ups:

When Pop-Ups are disabled, users will only receive notifications in the Metamask Notifications pane, which does not prompt the user to respond in-app. In this cases users can read and respond in the full WalletChat web app at https://snaps.walletchat.fun.

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