Frequently Asked Questions

What is WalletChat?

WalletChat is a wallet-to-wallet messaging service which provides social layer to the web3 ecosystem. WalletChat was born out of the frustration that web3 users wanted to be anoymous, but that didn't mean we didn't want to talk to each to other :)

WalletChat enables DApps and users to connect with the level of privacy they prefer, as enabling email or Telegram notifications are optional.

Is WalletChat Decentralized?

WalletChat is working towards this goal. We currently support decentralized encryption solutions like LIT Protocol, and we store data on IPFS as needed.

Our API is a hybrid of web3 and web2 as we bootstrap users into a fully decentralized web3 social ecosystem, and and web3 matures and scales, so will WalletChat.

What Projects Currently Use WalletChat?

Great Question! Check out our testimonials page on our website to learn more!


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